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House or commercial plumbing is made of a drainage system consisting of pipes inclined downwards, which, under the influence of gravity, divert water from the appliance(s) into the sewer line. Many luminaires have both inflow and outflow of water through drainage systems. One carries fresh water and the other (also known as a drainage system) carries wastewater.

Water supply is a pipe system that supplies fresh water to the house. Water pipes supply fresh water inside, working under pressure and distributing it throughout the house. The power grid is what pumps water throughout the home and to various applications such as appliances and toilets. The water supply comes from the public network or other source of fresh water, passes through the meter, and is brought to the house.

Before entering your home’s plumbing, the water will pass through a water meter. This meter records the amount of water you use. The fresh water is brought into your home through water pipes then distributed to sinks, toilets, washing machines, bathtubs and related fixtures.


Plumbers install, repair, and maintain water and gas systems, plumbing systems, and related appliances in commercial and residential buildings. Plumbers can work in commercial and residential buildings, farms, parks, and public places. Plumbers typically travel to different jobs each day, doing their jobs in homes, office buildings, and factories.

Plumbers need to analyze how systems such as water supply and sewerage work. Plumbers must be able to perform these tasks to ensure the proper functioning of a property’s plumbing systems. Other common activities include measuring, cutting, bending pipe material, and installing and maintaining water systems.

R&B specializes in the installation and maintenance of potable water (drinking water) as well as wastewater and drainage systems in plumbing systems.

We have plumber assistants also prepare the plumber’s workspace, cut new pipes, drill holes, help remove pipes, review blueprints, and maintain a working understanding of site safety protocols. If you are looking to train under a master plumber make sure to apply for a career at R&B.

A plumber also installs plumbing or toilets, as well as water heaters, dishwashers, and other plumbing requirements. Plumbers also perform routine installation services, such as installing a new dishwasher or toilet in a home. Some plumbers may also install environmentally friendly plumbing fixtures such as flow restrictors in faucets, dual flush or pressurized toilets, or tankless water heaters. Plumbers can also design piping systems for new construction projects.