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Working in an outdated space can affect the morale of your employees. You want everyone to be excited to start the day and enjoy every modern convenience. R&B performs office building renovations in the Louisville, KY and Kentuckiana area.

From offices of a few hundred square feet to those that take up several thousand, we can create a modern space designed to impress your current employees and attract new talent. Call today to speak with a skilled commercial contractor in Louisville, KY about your facility.


If your business is client-facing, you want visitors to be greeted with an updated, well-organized space. The right renovations will keep both internal and external customers happy. We can update every part of your facility, including the:

  • Break room
  • Lobby
  • Reception area
  • Offices
  • Kitchen
  • We’ll discuss your needs and budget before any work begins. Update your office by contacting R&B today.

    Contact us today at 502-771-3446 to learn more about your office building renovation options!