Halftime Toss University of Louisville

Thank You!

Please take a few minutes to watch video and read important information below.

To take part in each contest, you must have a ticket and be present at Louisville Cardinals game (schedule is below) for each contest and/or award.

Thank you for entering the Cash Extravaganza Halftime Toss Contest

Please read the important information below. Remember to be at the Louisville Cardinals Athletic Stadium during the game the day(s) of the contest(s).

Each winner, if any, is responsible for paying any and all taxes on any prize(s) won and must authorize the deduction of such taxes, if any, from the prize(s) to the extent required by law. For more information: Kentucky Law 154A.110 Withholdings from Prize

Names and likenesses of Promotion winner(s) may be used by Sponsor and Sponsor’s designee(s) for promotional purposes without further compensation to Sponsor or the Promotion winner(s).

The Contestant(s) will not be permitted any practice, warm-up, or qualifying throws, nor will any one (1) Contestant be selected to participate more than once during this promotion. i. The Contestant(s) is permitted only one (1) throw to successfully throw a regulation league football through the Target Hole. The throw must be made from behind a demarcation line (“Demarcation Line”) located a distance from the Target Template of no less than twenty (20) yards for men or seventeen (17) yards for women. No part of the Contestant’s body or clothing may come in contact with or cross the Demarcation Line prior to the Contestant releasing the ball. j. In the event (i) the football passes completely through the Target Hole on the fly, after entering the Target Hole from the side of the Target Template nearest the Contestant, prior to coming in contact with any object or person (other than the Target Template itself).

There must be video evidence that clearly shows (i) the scoreboard prior to each attempt, (ii) the football being thrown by the Contestant, (iii) the ball in flight, (iv) the ball passing completely through the Target Hole in the manner described herein, and (v) the distance of the throw.

All claims for payment of prize awards must be reported to SCA, within three (3) normal
business days of a potential winning event.